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The story behind ACL for webOS...

Huge kudos to the webOS HP TouchPad community of users!  Now, you might ask why? Well they deserve it, that's for sure! Keep on reading to learn why...
Let's start off at the beginning of the story. Once upon a time,  a new tablet featuring an exciting new operating system was released by a well-known consumer electronics giant. The tablet was the TouchPad, the operating system was webOS, and the manufacturer was HP. Upon release, this tablet was both celebrated and chastised by industry analysts and consumers. Consumers wanted their favorite apps that they expected to find on their smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately webOS did not have a strong app ecosystem and consumers were disappointed. HP dropped the manufacturing and support of the short-lived webOS TouchPad tablet back in 2011.  One article  from around the time of the discontinuation announcement summed up some of the reasons it failed:
"The operating system lacked enough third-party applications to attract consumers, and its functionality was simply too different from iOS and Android for customers to give it a second look. What's more, the operating system wasn't really known outside of tech circles, putting it at a disadvantage from the beginning."

Points two and three in the quote above should certainly be taken with a grain of salt, as there are definitely users who brought traction to webOS and were more than happy to learn a new UI and experience. On the other hand, the lack of apps was a challenge across the board - die-hard early adopter enthusiast or average Joe who is a casual consumer. 

Enter, Phoenix International Communications.   Phoenix  "is in the business of further developing, enhancing, and maintaining the webOS operating system and ecosystem in order to promote the continued use and increased adoption of the webOS platform as a solution for both consumer and business users." Phoenix knew about us and our software, OpenMobile ACL, and that it could be engineered for the app-lacking webOS operating system. This group of webOS enthusiasts  started a crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign   in order to fund the further development and completion of our OpenMobile ACL for webOS. 
They enticed backers worldwide by spreading our ever important message that our ACL technology can "expand the compatibility of the HP TouchPad by giving it the power to run Android apps in webOS." In May of this year, Phoenix surpassed its Kickstarter campaign goal of $35,000. The Phoenix team is a driving force in the webOS enthusiast community in recognizing that this amazing operating system needs a more robust app ecosystem and now they are happy to bring ACL and the Android app ecosystem to the HP TouchPad users. Without the webOS HP TouchPad community of users and backers for their Kickstarter campaign, ACL for webOS wouldn't be where it is today. And for that, KUDOS to all of those webOS HP TouchPad enthusiasts out there!
OpenMobile ACL for webOS is now available for pre-order!  Yes, you read that right! HP TouchPad users, get excited! Thanks to our partnership with Phoenix, OpenMobile is thrilled to see this project take off and launch to the market in just short time. OpenMobile ACL for webOS on the HP TouchPad is currently available for pre-order from the  Phoenix Store : here . Get to it and soon enough you will have a robust app ecosystem available on your HP TouchPad! Please do know that at this time, ACL for webOS is only supported on the HP TouchPad and not on other webOS devices. You will know when the release date is approaching; we will be loud and clear! 
When you purchase and download ACL for webOS onto an HP TouchPad, the OpenMobile AppMall will be the one-stop-shop for your favorite Android apps! We've been sourcing Android apps to ensure that users have a robust Android app catalog to search, browse, and download! The AppMall is automatically packaged with ACL for webOS and will be auto-installed as a separate ACL-enabled Android app. Find the OpenMobile AppMall icon upon completion of ACL for webOS installation and click to start downloading all the apps you have been waiting for!
And we all lived happily ever after with a webOS HP TouchPad in hand running our favorite Android apps!
Want to see ACL for webOS in action?
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