Get more apps for your catalog!

Offer apps that are compatible with your billing system!

Provide EarnBack rewards to your users!

Improve your monetization!

Whether you are a mobile carrier, OEM, or independent store, OpenMobile can publish apps – enabled with our compatibility solutions – that maximize your revenue from users.

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  • Promote EarnBack to your users and generate more traction for your store.
  • OpenMobile has publishing rights to distribute a comprehensive app catalogue.
  • OpenMobile integrates OpenMobile App Services (OAS) with the payment SDKs and APIs supported by the stores.

  • OpenMobile applies OAS to the apps, enabling them to support localized payment methods and direct carrier-billing systems.

  • OpenMobile publishes apps to the stores.

  • If necessary, OpenMobile installs the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) on the operating system of the device (ex: Tizen or Linux).

  • App stores promote the apps.

  • Users download apps and you start to monetize.

Partnering with OpenMobile enables app stores to significantly increase the quality and quantity of the apps they offer – apps that are integrated with the payment SDK and APIs required.