Bring your Android apps to non-Google operating systems and global payment methods.

No changes to your APK. No SDK to implement. No cost to you!

Sign up as an OpenMobile Developer Partner to run your Android app on supported non-Android operating systems –without any changes to your APK file, thanks to OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer (ACL). OpenMobile App Services (OAS) also makes your app compatible with third-party payment methods – including the new EarnBack rewards system for free data recharges – all without any changes to your APK. 

OpenMobile has the technology and distribution to publish your app to third-party Android app stores and increase the reach of your titles to non-Android and Android devices throughout the world.

With OpenMobile, you can:

  1. Support multiple payment platforms.
  2. Publish your app on multiple devices and in multiple app stores.
  3. Gain worldwide reach into OEM, third-party and carrier-branded app stores.
We have the technology and the distribution to extend your app to a worldwide market.

OpenMobile App Services (OAS) allows developers and stores to efficiently and easily acquire new users and increase monetization.

  • No changes to your APK
  • No costs to developers
  • ARPUs and conversions increase, since local payment methods are supported
  • In-app ad streams remain unchanged
  • Runs in any geography (including China)

Maximize your presence in emerging markets.

Monetize the "unbanked."

publish through openmobile.

Email us today to learn more about becoming a partner.

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Get more apps for your catalog!

Offer apps that are compatible with your billing system!

Provide EarnBack rewards to your users!

Improve your monetization!

Whether you are a mobile carrier, OEM, or independent store, OpenMobile can publish apps – enabled with our compatibility solutions – that maximize your revenue from users.

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  • Promote EarnBack to your users and generate more traction for your store.
  • OpenMobile has publishing rights to distribute a comprehensive app catalogue.
  • OpenMobile integrates OpenMobile App Services (OAS) with the payment SDKs and APIs supported by the stores.

  • OpenMobile applies OAS to the apps, enabling them to support localized payment methods and direct carrier-billing systems.

  • OpenMobile publishes apps to the stores.

  • If necessary, OpenMobile installs the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) on the operating system of the device (ex: Tizen or Linux).

  • App stores promote the apps.

  • Users download apps and you start to monetize.

Partnering with OpenMobile enables app stores to significantly increase the quality and quantity of the apps they offer – apps that are integrated with the payment SDK and APIs required.

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Building a device without Android?

If you have non-Android devices, you can still tap into the broad Android app ecosystem – with OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) technology. OpenMobile enables Android apps to run on your devices – regardless of the operating system you choose. Our partnerships with Android app developers provide you with rights to distribute apps to ACL-enabled devices. Enable ACL on your device and immediately provide a robust app catalog for consumers. And those Android apps function identically on your device. With OpenMobile, you can launch your device with a complete app ecosystem.

ACL doesn’t virtualize or emulate the Android OS, so there’s no burden on system resources or app-performance latency. Instead, ACL is tightly integrated within the device’s core OS so native apps and ACL-enabled apps run side-by-side. ACL adds a high level of Android compatibility to your device without Google certification.

If you’re running or have branded an app store that’s preloaded on your Android smartphones, chances are you are giving away revenue to Google Play. With OpenMobile App Services (OAS), OpenMobile's payment compatibility software,  the apps distributed from your store can easily support your payment APIs – and not Google’s. App developers don’t have to integrate an SDK or change their APKs. OpenMobile's OAS is integrated with your store's APIs and applies to existing apps that are downloadable from your store. Developers still generate revenue. Users have the same experience with the app. But now your store receives a share of the revenue.


All of these devices can run with the Android app ecosystem without the Android OS – thanks to the OpenMobile ACL.