OpenMobile App Services (OAS) makes Android apps compatible with multiple payment methods – without any SDK integration or APK modifications so you can easily and efficiently acquire new users and increase monetization.

The OAS payment-compatibility technology supports several direct carrier billing systems and third-party payment methods such as Fortumo, nPay, PayPal, Paytm, and Samsung IAB. OAS also supports EarnBack from OpenMobile, so users can choose to “pay” with free rewards/credits they have earned. 

By integrating the SDK and API functionality of these payment methods directly into OAS, OpenMobile saves you time and money. There’s no need to change each app to support multiple payment SDKs. It's also a huge win for your users who can now pay with localized currency – or with free EarnBack credits.

OpenMobile applies OAS to the Android app and then, with permission from the developer, distributes the wrapped app to approved app stores and channels throughout the world.

  • Maximize your presence in emerging markets.
  • Monetize the "unbanked."
  • Publish through OpenMobile.

Let OpenMobile’s sophisticated technology and unmatched global distribution extend your app to the world.

Tech + Dist = Money.png
  • You don’t need to change your apps (APKs)
  • You incur no costs
  • ARPUs and conversions increase, since OpenMobile supports local payment methods
  • All in-app ad streams remain unchanged
  • Runs in any geography (including China)
  • Supports EarnBack cashless rewards payment system