OpenMobile provides compatibility solutions that provide an open ecosystem of mobile apps worldwide.

OpenMobile provides compatibility solutions that provide an open ecosystem of mobile apps worldwide. OpenMobile extends the reach of the Android app ecosystem, empowering it on devices and platforms running virtually any operating system and utilizing payment and monetization methods supported worldwide.

OpenMobile is a dynamic, revenue-generating, and growing technology company led by a team with deep backgrounds in compatibility software, expertise in operating systems and apps, and an unmatched commitment to customer success.


Management Team

Patrick Sansonetti
President and Chief Operating Officer

Patrick was hired as vice president of sales in 2014 and was named President and COO in April 2017.  Patrick now guides corporate operations; maintains relationships with board members, investors, and shareholders; manages sales and marketing activities with app store partners, app developers and publishers; and also oversees operations and finance. Currently, Patrick has no free time…

Chandra Bajpai
Vice President of Advanced Products

Chandra joined OpenMobile as one of its first employees in 2011 and has since served in various executive roles. Currently, as OpenMobile’s Vice President of Advanced Products, he is responsible for identifying new opportunities, product initiatives, and strategic partnerships. When not thinking of the next big thing, Chandra can be found tinkering with the latest technology, fixing his Lotus, or coding in esoteric programming languages.

Kelvin J Tom
Vice President of Product Management and Strategy

Kelvin started at OpenMobile in 2015 as the Vice President of Sales Engineering, but his many talents soon enabled him to assume a broader role as the Vice President of Product Delivery and Operations.  Each day, Kelvin is involved in defining strategy and implementing and delivering OpenMobile’s product and services. When not working, Kelvin spends time with his family and loves to hit the links.

Dani Icekson
Vice President of Finance 

Dani joined OpenMobile in 2017, bringing more than 20 years of experience in public accounting and corporate finance management. After starting his career at Ernst & Young, he has held various financial-management positions at technology, manufacturing, software, and consumer-products startups. In his free time, Dani loves to bike, ski, and travel with his family.

Matt O' Keefe
Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships

Matt joined OpenMobile in 2013 as Manager of Content Partnerships. With his successful performance, he was subsequently named Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships.  In this capacity, Matthew cultivates partnerships with top-ranked mobile-app developers and publishers as well as mobile advertising companies to monetize mobile app traffic. Matthew’s a devoted Boston sports fan who enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, traveling, and doing Crossfit.